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Custom Cabinet Makers in Oregon

At Hallman Woodworks, we give you the creative freedom to customize your cabinetry inside and out and create a 3D model that gives you an idea of what it will look like. Choose the visual and functional elements you want to blend the aesthetic of your custom cabinets with the rest of your space.

Customizable To The Core

Our custom cabinet makers in Oregon use quality wood sourced from trusted suppliers to ensure your cabinetry maintains its integrity over time. The result? Custom cabinetry that can support heavy loads and withstand everyday wear and tear. 

Tell us the material you want for your custom cabinetry, and we will take care of the rest. Need help choosing the right wood? Our custom cabinet makers will provide expert recommendations on the wood that best suits your aesthetic preferences and budget.

Elegant Finishes

Our finishes don’t just add to your cabinets’ overall look and feel. They preserve their exquisite look for years to come.

Hand-Bushed Paint

Whether you prefer paint that is matte, super glossy, or something in between, we have several options in different shades and varying degrees of shine to choose from.

Natural Stains

Our stain finishes soak color into the grain of the wood, bringing out the natural beauty of the wood used for your cabinetry without cracking, peeling, or fading easily over time.


Perfect for cabinets with intricate designs, our semi-transparent and transparent glaze finishes can be applied over other finishes to highlight detail while giving an antique look.


Varnish offers a clear, protective coat over your cabinets that is applied on top of other finishes to extend their lifespan while making them easier to maintain.

Elegant Accessories

Add accessories that optimize the functionality, organization, storage, and accessibility capabilities of your custom cabinetry.

Cabinet Door

Opt for the classic raised panel doors, modern flat panel styles, or glass for an elegant finish. Whatever vision you have in mind, we’ll bring it to reality.

Door Fittings

From sleek handles and door knobs to hinges and pulls, choose from our selection of door fittings to enhance the look of your cabinets while ensuring smooth operation.


Get the most out of your storage space with our static and adjustable shelving options, precision-crafted dividers for better organization, neat inserts, and smooth-gliding trays.

We Don’t Just Craft Custom Cabinets

Our custom cabinet design services are all-inclusive. Trust our custom cabinet makers to design your custom cabinets based on your vision, handcraft them, and install them in your spaces. The best part? We paint your cabinets after installation to ensure consistent, high-quality finishes. 

Whether you want to fall in love with your kitchen, organize your office space, elevate your bathroom, upgrade your closet space, or more, we create cabinets for every room.

Start Designing Your Custom Cabinetry

Our experienced cabinet makers in Oregon are ready to design, build, and install new cabinets for your spaces, wherever you are in the United States.

Tell Us About Your Project

We would love to be part of your next project. Contact us today to set up a free consultation to see how we can best serve you.

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